Master the winds!

Can you put a steering wheel in a hot air balloon and choose any direction you want to travel in?

Well, you can put a steering wheel there but it will not make any difference. The balloon will still traveling with the wind.
But every balloon pilot knows that the wind is going in various directions and speed on different altitudes…

This application will help you memorize the direction and speed for every altitude the balloon enter, and then present the data in a easy to read graph. Hopefully this will help you to make a safer flight. You will also get flight data like your current altitude, speed, vertical speed and flight time (different data will be available depending on screen size).

If you want to, there will also be an annoying lady reading valuable flight data for you, like your altitude, course and speed. You can mute her if she is to disturbing.

New in this version is that your flight will automatically be streamed online and anyone with a tracking link can follow you live. Isn’t that awesome!

Fly safe and land softly!
Please notice that this application needs to be active for logging wind data. The application uses the GPS massively and this will drain your battery faster than normal. Windgraph is not certified to be used as a primary flight instrument.