Aeroalti is a professional altimeter developed specific for the iPad and the iPhone.

The dream

Have you ever dream of how it’s like to be a pilot in your own airplane or hot air balloon?

This app will not really help you with that experience, but when you live in your dream or dream your dream – this app will boost your experience. This is an analog authentic flight instrument (an altimeter).


The instrument

An altimeter is a flight instrument that indicates the current altitude of the aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon or whatever you can imagine. Even if your just curios how high your backyard is, this is an instrument for you.


For iPhone and iPad

The app is made for both iPhone and iPad.


The hardware

This app has support for a Bluetooth sensor unit named NODE with a Clima sensor from variabletech. With this hardware, the instrument will use the real measured pressure to calculate altitude and speed – the same way as a real instrument.
If you don’t have a NODE with Clima module, the app uses the internal GPS chip instead. The app will have the same functionality without a NODE but with a little less accuracy (observe that the iPad Wifi and iPod Touch have a simpler and less accurate GPS chip).